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ICELAND (1942) is a 20th Century Fox musical film directed by H. Bruce Humberstone set in Iceland.  The film stars skater Sonja Henie and John Payne as a U.S. Marine posted in Iceland during World War II. The film was titled Katina in Great Britain and Marriage on Ice in Australia.


The Four Jays Song There Will Never Be Another You [with music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Mack Gordon] has become one of the most widely known and performed standards of the jazz repertoire.

YOLANDA AND THE THIEF (1945) is a 1945 MGM musical-comedy film set in a fictional Latin American country. The film stars Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer, Frank Morgan, Ludwig Stossel and Mildred Natwick, with music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Arthur Freed. The film was directed by Vincente Minnelli and produced by Arthur Freed.


The Four Jays song Coffee Time became a jazzy and innovative dance routine for Astaire, Bremer and chorus.  For the film the choreography required blending complex repeated syncopated rhythms (inspired by Loring's idea of setting a five-count dance phrase against a four-count musical phrase) in a visually stunning setting incorporating a wavy black and white dance floor (designed by Irene Scharaff) and chorus dancers dressed in brightly-colored costumes.   


SUMMER HOLIDAY (1948) is an MGM musical starring Mickey Rooney and Gloria De Haven. It is based on the play Ah,Wilderness! (1933) by Eugene O'Neill, which had been filmed by MGM in1935.


This film contains numerous Four Jays songs including; Spring Isn’t Everything,
 Wish I Had A Braver Heart, Dan-Dan-Danville High, 
Come To The Beach, Omar & the Princess, and Our Home Town.





THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY (1949) was the last film to co-star Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and was also their only film together in color. Warren songs featured in this film include: Shoes With Wings On, There Is No Music, These Days, Swing Trot, A Weekend in the Country, You’d Be Hard To Replace,
 Second Fiddle To A Harp,
 You'd Be Hard to Replace
, Manhattan Downbeat
, Bouncin' the Blues, and Call On Us Again.



In MY DREAM IS YOURS (1949) Harry Warren, who was now employed by MGM, returned to Warner Bros. after a nearly 10 absence to write new songs for this film.


The film starred Doris Day and contains the Four Jays hit song Someone Like You.




SUMMER STOCK (1950) known as If You Feel Like Singing inthe UK, is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical that was directed by Charles Walters and stars Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Eddie Bracken,and Phil Silvers. Summer Stock proved to be Judy Garland's last MGM movie and also her last pairing with Gene Kelly on screen.  Four Jays songs from this film include; Dig Dig Dig Dig for Your Dinner, Friendly Star, Never In My Wildest Dreams
,You Wonderful You, and  If You Feel Like Singing Sing.

In PAGAN LOVE SONG (1950) the melody used in the Four Jays  song The House Of Singing Bamboo was actually written in 1945 by Harry Warren for the MGM picture "The Harvey Girls", which starred Judy Garland.The song was called "Hayride" and it originally had lyrics by Johnny Mercer but the song was cut from the picture. In 1950, the Mercer lyrics were dumped and the melody was changed slightly for use in this picture.


THE BELLE OF NEW YORK (1952) is an MGM Hollywood musical comedy film set in New York circa 1900 and stars Fred Astaire, Vera-Ellen, Alice Pearce, Marjorie Main and Keenan Wynn, with music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

Four Jays songs include; When I'm Out With The Belle Of New York [the film's signature waltz], Baby Doll [sung by Astaire], I Wanna Be A Dancin' Man, and the Bachelor Dinner Song.


In THE CADDY (1953) the song That's Amore, sung by Dean Martin, became a multi-million seller and one of his signature songs.The tune also appeared in the closing credits of Rear Window (1954) and is regarded as the theme song to the film Moonstruck (1997).


Another Four Jays hit song from this film was titled You're The Right One.



THE ROSE TATTOO (1955 ) was based on the original Broadway production by Tennessee Williams which had won the 1951Tony Award for the Best Play.

For the film's release, Harry Warren wrote a promotional song which wasn't heard in the movie, yet the song titled The Rose Tattoo provided Perry Como with a best-selling single on the RCA Victor label. Recently this song was re-recorded by Nick Page.

MARTY (1955) is a 1955 American film directed by Delbert Mann, starring Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair. The film enjoyed international success, winning the1955 Academy Award for Best Picture and becoming the second American film to win the Palme d'Orat the Cannes Film Festival. The music for the film was composed by Harry Warren.

ARTISTS AND MODELS (1956) is a Paramount musical comedy and marked Martin and Lewis's fourteenth feature together as a team. The film was one of the team's highest budgeted pictures, at$1.5 million, and was shot with Paramount's VistaVision cameras in Eastman color, print by Technicolor, and stereophonic sound by Perspecta.

The song Innamorata, written for this film, went on to be a major record hit for Dean Martin and several other singers. Because of the budget overruns,a planned musical production number called The Bat Lady was never filmed. Other Four Jays songs in this film include; When You Pretend, 
You Look So Familiar, and The Lucky Song




CINDERFELLA (1960) is a Paramount comedy version of the classic Cinderella story and stars Jerry Lewis as Fella.

Other Four Jays songs in the film include; Let Me Bea People (Plain Old Me), The Other Fella (A Soliloquy), The Princess Waltz (Once Upon A Time), and Somebody.

The song Turn It On by Harry Warren with lyrics by Jack Brooks that written for this picture was cut from final print.



THE LADIES MAN (1961) is a Paramount comedy film directed by and starring Jerry Lewis. Four Jays songs in the film include; Don't Go To Paris, He Doesn't Know, and Ladies Man.

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